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  • Holiday Announcement of 2020Spring Festival

    Update: 2020/1/15 Please kindly be advised that our company has made a holiday plan for this coming holiday:Sp...

  • Participation Announcement of 2020 Embedded World Exhibition & Conference

    Update: 2019/12/30 Time:February 25-27,2020 Venue:Nuremberg Exhibition Centre Zettler Booth No:Hall3/3-255

  • Flyback transformer from ZETTLER Magnetics for use in power tools

    Update: 2019/11/8 ZETTLER Magnetics’ engineers were able to develop a transformer solution that meets these s...

  • Turn-Key LCD Solutions for a Wide Array of Applications: Backpack Boards/Shields (Part 3/3)

    Update: 2019/10/29 In addition to off-the-shelf LCD and touch solutions, ZETTLER Displays offers “backpack boa...

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