ZETTLER introduces high-capacity PCB mount solar relays optimized for 690VAC grid inverters. Update: 2019/6/12 Source:ZETTLER

Product Spotlight, June 2019.1215.png

For the switching of 600VAC-800VAC circuits, large contactors have traditionally been the only viable option but new high capacity relays from ZETTLER are challenging those assumptions.

The new AZSR1160 and AZSR1180 PCB mount relays from ZETTLER provide system designers with a small form-factor alternative for switching power levels up to 165kVA. These new SPST relays can switch voltages up to 920VAC and currents up to 180A, all with a holding (coil) power of less than 0.5W. Contact gaps and insulation distances are optimized for commercial PV systems deployable up to 7000 m above sea level.

Key Features or Design Parameters include:

Specially designed terminals simplify thermal management and maximize lifetime3.6mm contact gap available>10mm clearance/creapageHigh surge breakdown voltage of 10kVCoil voltage options from 6-48VDCUL and TUV ratings

For a complete data sheet, follow the links: AZSR1160 and AZSR1180

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