Zettler Group China celebrates 130 Years Anniversary of its German Origins Update: 2019/6/21 Source:ZETTLER

In 1889, the famous German engineer Alois Zettler completed his first design of an electro-mechanical relay in his Munich Germany based laboratory  of “Elektrotechnische Fabrik Alois Zettler”.

That event was the beginning of a long history in the design and development of electronic components that eventually helped create today’s Zettler Group, one of the global industry leaders.

The deep roots of German craftsmanship tradition especially live on in Zettler’s global product design, engineering and manufacturing headquarters in China. Zettler China, today, stands for the perfect combination of German engineering tradition and modern-day Chinese design ingenuity and manufacturing quality and productivity.

A long way from Alois Zettler’s Munich days, the cooperation between Zettler companies in Germany and China is alive and well, with close co-development of new and cutting-edge relays for solar and electric vehicle applications, just to mention two examples.

To celebrate the historic commemoration, members of Zettler’s German and Chinese management teams gathered for a meeting in Xiamen in June 2019.


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